Going Green With RBS Sanitation

Going Green is more than something we do – it’s our passion!

RBS Sanitation is committed to “Green”

Our planet’s resources will, at some point no longer be as readily available. That means we have to be responsible with our plastics, glass, metals and yes, even energy. By green recycling and being eco friendly we are saving the energy it takes to create new materials, in turn lowering greenhouse gas emissions. It really is a win-win.

Check below the products that will help us keep it green! Want to know how you can help more? Check out our recycling ideas for both at home and in the workplace.

trash company
Paper Related Items
Flattened corrugated cardboard & brown paper sacks
Newspapers, inserts, magazines, brochures and catalogs
Phone books (yes, phone books)
Office papers & junk mail
Paperboard (cereal boxes, etc)
Shredded paper (must be in clear plastic sack)
Plastic, Aluminum and Glass Related Items
Glass bottles & jars
Tin cans, steel cans and aluminum cans (these need to be rinsed and free of food)
Aluminum & steel cans
Plastic tubs & containers
Empty aerosol cans
trash pickup

How does recycling help the environment?

The recycling process can be divided into three stages: collection, processing and marketing. Collection is the first stage where old goods are gathered; Processing is the second stage where recycled material are sorted out; Marketing is the third stage where recycled products are sold.

Recycling has many benefits for both people and planet. It helps to reduce air pollution in urban areas, it creates jobs and reduces landfill space, it conserves natural resources (e.g., fossil fuels) and it saves money!


Where can I dump yard waste near me?

Yard waste, also known as yard trimmings, refers to the plant material that is left over from gardening activities. Yard waste includes leaves and grass clippings, branches and other tree limbs, and shrubs.

It can be difficult to find a place to dump yard waste near you. Sioux Falls Regional Sanitary Landfill offers these services with certain restrictions. You can check them out here.



Sioux Falls landfill has compost services in the five county region. The Sioux Falls dump is the best option for you to get your free compost and reduce and reuse in an environmentally-friendly way. Click here to learn more about the Sioux falls landfill.

Together, we can help planet earth get back on track. The best part is our curb side recycling pick-up for all your needs. Thanks for helping with the Going Green recycling initiative. With you we can make a difference.

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