Single-Stream Recycling vs Dual-Stream Recycling

Recycling is very important for our environment because it allows us to reuse materials. This prevents us from filling up landfills with products that release harmful chemicals and gasses. It also reduces our need to acquire more raw materials from cherished places like rainforests. Originally, the recycling process, called dual-stream recycling, required participants to separate their materials at home or their place of business before putting them out on the curb.

While the dual-stream system was somewhat effective, a newer system of recycling called single-stream recycling is the new norm. It has a number of benefits and has taken the recycling community by storm. Single-stream recycling was introduced in the late 1990s in California and has since spread across the United States. The previous system required end-users to separate food and beverage containers into one bin and paper products into another bin. Collection trucks had multiple compartments to separate each type of recyclable material as well.

With the single-stream recycling system, users place all recyclable materials into a single bin. These bins are then collected by a truck with a single compartment and delivered to a Materials Recovery Facility. At the Materials Recovery Facility, workers sort the recyclable materials mechanically and by hand.


Benefits of Single-Stream Recycling

Single-stream recycling offers several benefits to the community. Listed below are some of the reasons why so many people have switched to the single-stream recycling system.

  • Reduced Collection Costs – It is cheaper to produce and maintain single-compartment trucks which means collection costs are lower than with dual-stream recycling.
  • More Materials Are Recycled – The single-stream recycling system allows for more materials to be recycled, including more paper grades like mixed paper and telephone books.
  • Reduced Sorting Effort – Residential recyclers can place all their recyclable materials into one container which is placed on the curb and picked up for them. Since it is easier to recycle, more residents participate in the program.


Recycling Services Near Sioux Falls

Are you located near Sioux Falls, SD and looking for a waste removal company? Look no further than RBS Sanitation. RBS Sanitation offers residential recycling and trash removal services to South Dakota residents in the Chancellor, Lennox, Parker, Sioux Falls and Tea areas. We are also proud to offer bi-weekly pickup for single-stream recyclables. If you have any questions related to our services, please give us a call at 605-213-0138. Read more about our recycling services including a list of recyclable items and our Going Green initiative.