Even though about 75% of people living in the US follow the Reduce, Reuse & Recycle mantra, EPA reports tell us that we’re still generating about 254 million tons of trash. Because a whopping 87 million tons of this ‘trash’ consists of various recycling materials, the recycling rate is only at 34.3%, leaving plenty of room for improvement. Add to this the fact that between 5% and 15% of what we throw away is hazardous to our health, it’s easy to see how crucial it is for everyone to do their part when it comes to recycling.

It’s truly essential for every household and every business to find the best ways they can reduce their use of plastic in order to save our planet.


Recycling is Your Civic Responsibility

The benefits to recycling are many, making it necessary for every community member to do their part when it comes to recycling. It’s truly our responsibility as a society to be accountable for what we throw away. The fact that recycling is linked to global warming makes it even more essential for both homeowners and businesses to understand the recycling steps that can be taken to reduce global warming.


Recycling Ideas for Your Home

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to recycle at home. And the rewards for doing so are not only beneficial for your household, but for the entire world because you’re doing your part when it comes to a clean environment. One of the best ways you can reduce the need to recycle is by simply choosing to buy products that are made using recycled packaging.


Home Recycling Ideas:

  • Newspaper, Cardboard, Magazines, Paper, etc.
    • Ask for e-receipts, and check online for news instead of subscribing to your local newspapers, further reducing paper waste. Don’t include laminated items, make sure all rubber-bands are removed, and flatten as much as possible before putting paper-based items in a recycling bin.
  • Plastic Recycling.
    • The majority of plastics are not biodegradable. In fact, it can take up to 500 years for plastic-based items to decompose in a landfill, making plastic recycling more important than ever. Plastics are given numbers that determine how they’re to be recycled, requiring plastics to be separated before recycling. You can bring your own cloth bags when going to the grocery store to reduce plastic use.
  • Glass Recycling.
    • Glass recycling is done by color (clear, brown, green), and you don’t have to worry about removing any labels. Since most recycling centers don’t accept lightbulbs or mirrors, you can contact your local recycling company for advice on where to recycle glass items
  • Aluminum Can Recycling.
    • Almost every city has an aluminum can recycling center that will pay you good money for aluminum cans
  • Freecycle.
    • Giving away any items you longer use, i.e. clothes, books, bikes, furniture, is a great way to recycle unused items that would otherwise go into the trash./li>


Recycling Ideas for Local Businesses

Today, many businesses are putting a focus on going green, which includes recycling. In order for any business to be successful when it comes to recycling, every single person must make a commitment. This involves making a recycling plan to make sure everyone’s on the same page, and for educational purposes.

Business Recycling Ideas:

  • Use Labeled Recycling Bins.
    • Different colored recycling bins make it easy to keep different recyclables organized.
  • Paper Recycling.
    • Use today’s electronic technologies to go paperless, i.e. email. Since paper waste tends to be high for every business, only print when absolutely necessary and print on both sides. Also, call to get removed from national mailing lists, which will greatly reduce the amount of junk mail received.
  • Package Recycling.
    • If your business receives a lot of packages, try to avoid accepting any corrugated cardboard packages. Instead, look into using reusable plastic shipping containers.
  • Plastic Recycling.
    • Don’t buy individual plastic bottles of water. Instead, install a filter in the break room for clean water access.
  • Collect E-Waste.
    • Offer a container where everyone can put their electronic waste, i.e. old or broken cell phones, computers, televisions.


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Think globally, act locally. ~David Brower