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Green recycling is more important than ever, making it necessary for everyone to do their part. There are a few things you should look for when choosing a recycling center to take your recyclables, as this is the best way to be sure that you’ve chosen the best recycling center in your area. For example, you’ll want to make sure they’ve received their recycling certification, which means they’re knowledgeable on all things recycled. You’ll also need to find out which recycling method they use, as well as if they’ve received any recycling violations.

Although it would seem that all recycling companies are the same, they’re not, making it necessary for you to do a little research before choosing a local recycling company.


Recycling Certification Importance

The majority of recycling companies apply for National Certification of their recycling company. When a recycling company applies for a national recycling certification, they must complete a professional training program that educates them on recycling best practices, making them an authority in the recycling niche. Once they complete the recycling certification program, they’re now able to represent their recycling center as one that has the knowledge and skills necessary for them to be seen as a highly qualified recycling professional. There are many benefits to becoming a certified recycling center, including knowledge, credibility, and the ability to be seen as a recycling leader.


Single-Stream Recycling Method

The single stream recycling method simply allows recycling companies to now combine two different types of recyclables together, which makes for much easier processing. For example, instead of having to separate all of the recyclables into their own category, i.e. paper recycling, plastic recycling, glass recycling, which can be very time consuming, a variety of recycling companies are now able to combine these recycling services and categories together, making for single-stream recycling.

RBS Sanitation offer bi-weekly pickup for single-stream recyclables


Recycling Violations

Finding a recycling company that has no violations is highly recommended. There are a few reasons why a recycling company would receive a recycling violation, which often comes with a hefty fine in order to dissuade professional recyclers from breaking current recycling rules. Recycling violations can be something as simple as not properly separating the recyclables into their correct container, or something as serious as not following OSHA’s safety guidelines. In fact, any recycling companies that owe fines of $50,000 or more will result in having OSHA issue a press release, which has the potential to negatively affect said recycling companies’ reputation.


RBS Sanitation – Your Local Recycling Center

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